Gaskets & Sealants

MarMac offers sealing solutions and gaskets for all the major infrastructure industries. Use our C-990 ASTM-rated Butyl Sealant when connecting box culverts, manhole sections, and more. Its tacky, rope design seals off joints and assists with the elimination of infiltration/exfiltration.

Use MarMac CSP Seam Seal with our CSP O-Rings to seal off your CMP, gravity-flow drainage system. Our CSP Coupler can be used in place of CSP O-Rings for true hydrostatic performance.

Our ElasiSeal® R-900 injectable butyl sealant can be used on a variety of substrates to seal off cracks, joints, and seams from weather, water, silt, and more. See below for all of our gaskets & sealants.

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