Wraps & Bands

Beyond our highly-revered pipe couplers, MarMac offers several wraps and bands options for the precast and CMP industries.

Reduce infiltration and exfiltration in pipe joints and seams of precast concrete and metal structures with our highly-versatile, easily-applied, C-877 Type III Butyl Wrap. Our heavy-duty, precast-specific SealWrap achieves the same, but comes manufactured with an internal layer of woven polypropylene reinforcement for puncture and tear resistance.

For pressurized, cement-coated steel pipe, MarMac Foam Grout Bands act as a form for portland cement to seal the pipe joints. These foam grout diapers are an advanced variation of MarMac’s very first product offering back in 1953. Take a look at our full catalog of wraps & bands below.

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