CSP Seam Seal

Sealing cord for corrugated steel pipe fabrication
Reliable infiltration/exfiltration proof CMP fabrication sealant

MarMacʼs Seam Seal is an alternative method to caulking/sealant to reinforce the hydrostatic rating of CSP seams. Seam Seal is placed into the pipe lock seam during the manufacturing process.

Features & Benefits
  • Reliably reinforces hydrostatic performance of seamed CSP
  • Safer & more efficient than welding seams
  • Easily installed
  • Cost effective
  • Readily available + same business day shipping*
CSP Seam Seal is a 3/16” premier, proprietary EPDM cord which is 50 (±5) durometer. Seam Seal has shown to substantially increase corrugated steel pipe hydrostatic pressure tollerance in a laboratory setting.
MarMac Seam Seal should be stored in a dry, cool place.
Tensile Strength 1200 psi min
Material EPDM / Black
Elongation 200 % min
Durometer 50 ±5
Density 1.15 ±0.05 g/cm3
For detailed information regarding installation, please contact our Materials Engineer at info@marmac.com.


1/8″ or 3/16″ diameter
5,000′ spools
50 durometer


Corrugated Metal Pipe

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