CSP Seam Seal

Sealing cord for corrugated steel pipe fabrication
Reliable infiltration/exfiltration proof CMP fabrication sealant

MarMacʼs CSP Seam Seal is an alternative method to caulk or other sealants for reinforcing the hydrostatic rating of corrugated steel pipe seams. Made from highly-durable EPDM synthetic rubber, the Seam Seal cord is placed into the pipe lock seam during the CSP fabrication process. An infiltration/exfiltration-proof, gravity flow drainage system is achievable when Seam Seal is used in conjunction with our Watertight CSP Coupler.

Features & Benefits
  • Reliably reinforces hydrostatic performance of seamed CSP
  • Safer & more efficient than welding seams
  • Easily installed
  • Cost effective
  • Readily available & fast shipping

CSP Seam Seal is a 3/16” premier, proprietary EPDM cord which is 50 (±5) durometer.

Tensile Strength 1200 psi min
Material EPDM / Black
Elongation 200 % min
Durometer 50 ±5
Density 1.15 ±0.05 g/cm3

Seam Seal has been third-party tested by Oregon State University’s College of Engineeering in conjunction with our Watertight CSP Coupler, and was shown to substantially increase the hydrostatic pressure tolerance of corrugated steel pipe.

MarMac Seam Seal should be stored in a dry, cool place.

For detailed information regarding installation, please contact our Materials Engineer.


Diameter: 3/16″ (4.78 mm)
Spool length: 5,000′


Corrugated Steel Pipe fabrication

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