CSP Flat Band Gasket

External couplers for jointing corrugated steel pipe
Join & Restrain Corrugated Metal/Steel Pipes

MarMacʼs next generation CSP Flat Band Gaskets represent the best possible quality gaskets available. With a standard thickness of 0.5″ (vs. Industry standard 0.375″) and available in 12″ & 24″ wide versions, our gaskets meet or exceed virtually all the North American specs for CSP jointing materials. Our proprietary Hook & Loop fastening system makes installation easier compared to traditional glued seam gaskets.

Spliced CSP Flat Band Gaskets are available for common pipe sizes, as well as in 50ʼ rolls on 3” cores.

Features & Benefits
  • Easy installation & innovative fastening system
  • Premium closed-cell rubber meets all USA/CA specifications
  • Over 20% thicker than industry standard
  • Readily Available & customizable to size
  • Full technical & engineering support
MarMac CMP CSP Flat Band Gasket Graphic

1/2″ premier nitrile rubber blend gasket. Premier Hook and Loop fastening system provides substantial ease of installation compared to industry standard glued seams.

All typical properties of MarMac CSP Flat Band Gaskets are based on, and meet or exceed the material requirements of:

ASTM D 10562A3 / 2B3 / 2C3

Gaskets should be stored in a dry, cool place.

Classification2A3 / 2B3 / 2C3ASTM D 1056
Density7.0-9.0 lbs/ft3ASTM D 1056
Tensile Strength100 psi minASTM D 412 Die A
Tear Strength15 lbs/in minASTM D 624 Die C
Elongation100 % minASTM D 412 Die A
Water Absorption5 % maxASTM D 1056
Fluid Immersion100 % maxASTM D 1056 Reference Fuel B
Shrinkage (length & width, 7 days @ 158 °F)10 % maxMFG MRCS 01-1995
Compression Set (room temp)25 % maxASTM D 1056 Suffix B2
Compression Deflection 25%9.0-13.0 psiASTM D 1056
Compression Deflection 50% (60 sec hold)14.1-24.9 psiISO 3386-1
Change in Compression Deflection± 30 %ASTM D 1056

Wrap the MarMac CSP Flat Band Gasket around the full circumference of pipe joint, centering the gasket on the joint gap. Wrap tightly and secure the gasket using the Hook and Loop fastening system. Visually inspect the joint for proper placement and securing of the gasket. Install appropriate metal band over the gasket, following the manufacturerʼs (or other appropriate) installation procedure.


Pipe Sizes: 12-144″
Widths: 12″ or 24″
Thickness: 0.5″
*Also available in 50′ rolls


Corrugated Metal Pipe

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