HDPE & Plastic

MarMac Construction Products manufactures some of the finest products available for the underground connections of your High-Density PolyEthylene (HDPE), High-Density PolyPropylene (HDPP), and corrugated plastic pipe. Our highly-regarded PolySeal Pipe Couplers are a permanent, fail-safe method of joining cut-and-butt ends of double-wall and single-wall HDPE. PolySeal Repair Couplers are also available for restoring the structural integrity of damaged and compromised pipe, as well as a Chemical-Resistant version for soil with high hydrocarbon levels.

For connecting corrugated plastic to pipes of other materials, our Dissimilar Pipe Coupler is the industry benchmark for performance and durability. Pair our HDPE couplings with our geotextile products to further prevent infiltration as well as erosion and undermining of sub-grade material.

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