Dissimilar Pipe Couplers

External couplers for joining pipes of different materials.

Reinforced Rubberized Mastic Bands

MarMac Dissimilar Pipe couplers are reinforced rubberized mastic external sealing bands that are engineered to join and restrain dissimilar pipes while preventing infiltration into the system.

  • MarMac Dissimilar Pipe couplers join RCP, CMP, DI, PVC, HDPE, and BMP separator systems and more. With hundreds of designs to cover virtually any scenario, MarMac DP couplers have sealed thousands of connections between different sizes and types of pipe.
  • DP Couplers have four straps that are used to seal a butt joint connection between two different types (or outside diameters) of pipe. The rubberized mastic is formulated to adhere aggressively to all known pipe surfaces. Additionally, the integrated compression bands mechanically seal and form a permanent bond to the pipe wall. The woven polypropylene component provides shear and puncture resistance. Minimum length of the couple is the circumference of the larger outside diameter (if applicable) plus eight inches for overlap. Three layers of rubberized mastic (0.180″ thick) with a sheet of strong puncture resistant woven polypropylene with an outside backing of cross-laminated polypropylene create a resistance to acids and bases.
  • MarMac Dissimilar Pipe Couplers are easy to install, cost-efficient, permanent, and readily available.

Our dedicated production line and our unique manufacturing system allow us to quickly ship small or large quantities of couplers custom designed specifically for almost any type and size of pipe you encounter in the field. Many couplers are available for shipping the same day the order is placed, and we regularly ship to job sites and drop ship directly to customers or end-users.

Tell us about your application and let our experts select the perfect coupler for your situation—and send you a free quote!

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Pipe 1 Type RCP, Poly, CMP, Clay, PVC, Ductile Iron, Other
Pipe 2 Type RCP, Poly, CMP, Clay, PVC, Ductile Iron, Other

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