Polyseal Pipe Couplers

Couplers for HDPE and HDPP pipe.

External Seals for HDPE/HDPP Pipe

PolySeal are external seals for HDPE/HDPP pipe that are high strength, reinforced pipe couplers that seal and restrain corrugated pipe. PolySeal is manufactured with multiple layers of rubberized mastic reinforced by shear and puncture resistant woven material. Internalized compression bands instantly seal and “lock” the coupler into the corrugations of the pipe. The rubberized mastic is formulated to adhere aggressively to all known pipe surfaces. Additionally, the integrated compression bands mechanically seal and form a permanent bond to the pipe wall. The woven material is a polypropylene component that provides shear and puncture resistance. The minimum length of the coupler is the circumference of the outside diameter of pipe to be repaired and an additional eight inches (8″) for overlap. Three layers of rubberized mastic (0.180″ thick) with a sheet of strong puncture resistant woven polypropylene with an outside backing of cross-laminated polyethylene resistant to acids and bases. PolySeal is flexible, strong, infiltration proof and exfiltration resistant.

PolySeal should be stored carefully in their original packaging, out of direct sunlight and protected from the elements. Materials should be kept away from direct hear, sparks and open flame. For optimum results, couplers should be stored in a tepid (60°-80°F) environment prior to installation.

In a laboratory setting, PolySeal has been third party tested to prevent infiltration into the joint when the joint is subjected to 30 ft head pressure (13 psi) per ASTM C 877.


  • No Infiltration & No Exfiltration
  • Easy Application
  • Permanent Protection
  • Strong
  • Shear & Puncture Resistant
  • Proven Performance
  • Used for Field Repairs
  • Used for Cut & Butted Joints
  • Used for New Installations
  • Used for Detention System Builds
  • “Double Wide” and custom width couplers with five securing straps available for all sizes of pipe

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