PolySeal Coupler

External couplers for jointing of HDPE & HDPP pipe
  • No Infiltration or Exfiltration

  • Permanent Protection with Proven Performance

  • Easy to Install

  • Strong + Shear/Puncture Resistant

The Best Way to Join Corrugated Corrugated Plastic Pipe

MarMac PolySeal Coupler for HDPE and ADS Pipe
Standard PolySeal
MarMac Double-Wide PolySeal Coupler for HDPE and ADS Pipe
MarMac Chemical & Corrosion Resistant Coupler
Chemical Resistant

PolySeal TYPES

MarMac PolySeal is a flexible, high-strength pipe coupling that permanently seals and restrains corrugated plastic pipe. PolySeal Couplers are over-engineered, reinforced external joint seals designed to connect HDPE / HDPP corrugated pipe, while remaining both infiltration proof and exfiltration resistant. PolySeal Couplings are perfect for cut & butt joints, field repairs, new detention systems, and more.

Engineered to last.

MarMac manufactures PolySeal couplings with interval layers of our rubberized mastic, specially formulated to adhere aggressively to all known pipe surfaces. An internal sheet of strong, puncture & shear resistant, woven polypropylene and an outside backing of cross-laminated polyethylene makes PolySeal resistant to acids and bases. The integrated compression bands mechanically “lock” the coupler into the corrugations of the pipe, bonding the mastic to the pipe wall and forming a permanent seal.

MarMac PolySeal Construction Layers

Heavy-duty, acid/base resistant, cross-laminated top layer


Specially formulated mastic sealant aggressively adheres to all known pipe surfaces


Puncture & shear resistant reinforcement layer sandwiched between mastic sealant


High-strength compression straps tighten and "lock" into pipe corrugations

Features & Benefits
  • Infiltration-proof exfiltration-resistant
  • Easily installed & immediately inspectable
  • Millions installed today with nearly a 100% success rate
  • Permanent protection with proven performance
  • Strong, shear & puncture-resistant
  • Double-Wide Repair & Custom options available
  • Protection from corrosion, acids & alkali (see PolySeal CR)
Rolled Pipe Coupler - MarMac Construction Products
*Custom 4-band PolySeal shown

Today, millions of PolySeal pipe couplings have been installed underground around the world with nearly a 100% success rate. PolySeal is the proven, premiere coupler HDPE pipe connections, and the “go to” solution for when it really matters. MarMac PolySeal is designed to be installed in the worst field conditions, succeeding where other corrugated pipe adapters fail, and is an excellent choice for both field repairs and new installations. These couplers are over-engineered to outlast the pipes they connect.

The minimum length of PolySeal couplers is the circumference of the outside diameter of pipe, plus an additional eight inches (8″) for overlap.

4″ 6″ 21″ 1 lbs
6″ 6″ 29″ 1.5 lbs
8″ 6″ 36″ 2 lbs
10″ 6″ 46″ 3 lbs
12″ 9″ 54″ 4 lbs
15″ 10″ 64″ 5.5 lbs
18″ 12″ 76″ 6 lbs
24″ 14″ 101″ 8 lbs
RATCHETS (heavy-duty sizes)
30″ 15″ 122″ 16.5 lbs
36″ 15″ 142″ 22 lbs
42″ 20″ 162″ 27 lbs
48″ 20″ 183″ 30 lbs
54″ 28″ 204″ 48 lbs
60″ 28″ 222″ 54 lbs
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Coupler composition:
  • Heavy duty polyethylene backing
  • Internal woven polypropylene reinforcement
  • Reinforced compression bands
  • Specially formulated mastic contact layer

In a laboratory setting, PolySeal held 10.8 psi internal hydrostatic pressure for 10 minutes with no visual leakage, as per ASTM D3212. PolySeal has been third party tested to 22” Hg vacuum for 10 minutes with no loss of vacuum, per ASTM D3212.

PolySeal should be stored carefully in their original packaging, out of direct sunlight and protected from the elements. Materials should be kept away from direct heat, sparks and open flame. For optimum results, couplers should be stored in a tepid (60°-80°F) environment prior to installation.

Ash-inert matter 8% 15%
Volatiles 0.1% 2.0%
Softening temp 175°F
Specific gravity 0.95 1.05
Penetration 60 dmm 90 dmm
Flow 10 mm 10 mm
Tensile strength 4000 psi
Elongation at break 100%
Tear resistance 1500 psi
Water absorption 0.01%
Tensile strength (Warp) 75 lb/in
Tensile strength (Fill) 75 lb/in
Elongation at break (Warp) 20%
Elongation at break (Fill) 20%

The coupler shall be placed around the pipe with the mastic side to the pipe wall and spanning the joint, while centered on the joint gap to be sealed. The protective film shall be removed and the coupler applied with the overlap at the top of the pipe. The tenisioning straps shall be lined up with the pipe corrugations and tightened. The closing flap protective film shall be removed and the closing flap shall cover the exposed straps and the work area.


Pipe Sizes: 4-60″
Chemical Resistant
UV Resistant
Custom Sizes


Field Repairs
Cut & Butted Joints
New Installations
Detention Systems

MarMac PolySeal Coupler for HDPE and ADS Pipe


Common-Size Seals for HDPE/P Pipe Joints

MarMac’s PolySeal is a high performance, external joint coupler designed for the prevention of infiltration and resistance of exfiltration at joints of common HDPE & HDPP corrugated pipe.

Our standard PolySeal coupler has three integrated compression bands. Sizes under 30″ use hose clamp bands made of high-strength 409 or 304 stainless steel. Heavy-duty sizes (≥ 30″) utilize built-in ratchet straps.

Double-Wide PolySeal

A Wider HDPE Coupler for Added Security or Repairs

MarMac’s Double-Wide PolySeal Couplings are manufactured with the same high-quality, incredibly durable materials, but nearly twice the width of a standard PolySeal. Our Double-Wide PolySeal Coupler comes with five integrated compression bands, as opposed to three with our Standard coupler.

Common uses include repairs, such as instances where pipe ends have minor damage or to cover small punctures in a pipe caused by fork trucks or similar. Additionally, Double-Wide PolySeal can be used in place of standard PolySeal to make a stronger, stiffer joint.
MarMac Double-Wide PolySeal Coupler for HDPE and ADS Pipe
MarMac Chemical & Corrosion Resistant Coupler

Chemical Resistant PolySeal

Protection Against Soil Containing Hydrocarbons

Chemical Resistant PolySeal (PolySeal CR) uses a proprietary, co-extruded, multi-layer barrier film lamination on the outside of the coupler. This film has been tested per ASTM F739 against a battery of chemicals at 95% concentration for permeation resistance with excellent results, including Benzene, Toluene and other hydrocarbon based solvents.

Common uses for PolySeal CR include install locations where the soil contains, or has the potential to contain hydrocarbons. These couplers are most frequently used in airport detention systems, as well as many other applications.

PolySeal Coupler Requests

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