infrastructure chemistry.

Making infrastructure better by prolonging the life of building materials & equipment with the development of innovative surface treatments, polymeric coatings, and admixtures.

Extending the lifespan of building materials.

Applied Infrastructure Sciences (AIS) is a full-service chemical, engineering, and formulations research and development laboratory whose sole purpose is to make infrastructure better. AIS specializes in polymeric coatings, topical treatments, and concrete admixtures that prolong the life of the materials to which they are applied. Our products are made to strengthen & protect the concrete, metal, lumber, and other materials and substrates our world’s infrastructure is built of. AIS is a division of MarMac Manufacturing Company.

Introducing the AIS


protection system

A highly effective solution for removing and protecting surfaces from spray paint tagging.

TST 6100 Graffiti Remover - MarMac AIS
PSC 6000 Graffiti protective coating - MarMac AIS

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do

We are dedicated to not just prolonging the life of our vital infrastructure but doing it in a responsible way for future generations.  Green chemistry, minimal waste, and products that will not impact the environment in which they are placed is at the forefront of our research.  Our chemists and engineers work every day to make infrastructure better. 

MarMac AIS permanent anti-graffiti coating PSC 3705
Polymer Coatings

PSC 3705

Permanent anti-graffiti coating

Waterproof polymer coating PSC 4400 - MarMac AIS
Polymer Coatings

PSC 4400

Waterproof coating for wood & concrete

MarMac AIS - PSC 2300
Polymer Coatings

PSC 2305

Concrete coating for water & chemical resistance

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