Geotextile Reroll

Filter fabric rolls for sub-grade erosion control
Filter fabric Rolls for Erosion Control of Sub-grade Material

MarMacʼs Geotextile Rerolls are custom width and length rolls of DOT-compliant filter fabric material. Custom slit rolls are easy to transport, handle and install. Custom roll widths are available upon request. Meets FDOT specifications.

Features & Benefits
  • Resistant to plugging
  • Low cost & cost effective
  • Quick, easy & permanent installation
  • Chemical resistant

Geotextile Rerolls are pre-cut, alleviating the need to handle or store large rolls, resulting in less time spent measuring/cutting, and less wasted material. The filter fabric stops the passage of silt, soil, and sediment, preventing undermining of pavement sub-grade material. Geotextile Rerolls also reduce the need for costly repairs, and installation is quick and easy.

Geotextile Rerolls are designed and manufactured to meet FDOT specifications. Geotextile Reroll fabric weight is 6 ounces per square yard. Geotextile Rerolls meet or exceed the material requirements of the following ASTM standards, as shown in the Typical Properties table:

ASTM D4632
ASTM D4355
ASTM D4833
ASTM D4751
ASTM D3786
ASTM D4491
ASTM D4533
Grab Tensile160 lbsASTM D4632
Grab Elongation50 %ASTM D4632
Puncture Strength85 lbsASTM D4833
Mullen Burst280 psiASTM D3786
Trapezoidal Tear60 lbsASTM D4533
UV Resistance70 %ASTM D4355
Apparent Size Opening70 US SieveASTM D4751
Permittivity1.30 sec-1ASTM D4491
Water Flow Rate110 gpm/ft2ASTM D4491

Geotextile Rerolls are easy to install; simply unroll, cut to size, wrap around the object of interest (if applicable), secure and/or backfill.


Roll widths: 18, 24, 36, 54, 72”
*Custom roll widths available


Erosion control
Pipe joints & pipeline wrapping
Stormwater underlay
Detention/retention systems
Drainage & filtration
French drain creation
Stabilization & reinforcement
Base course/sub-grade separation

Geotextile Reroll Requests

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