Filter Fabric Jacket

External filter fabric wrap for underground pipe joints
Cost-effective, easy-to-install filter fabric joint wrap

MarMac Geotextile Jackets stop the passage of soil and fines, preventing the undermining of pavement sub-grade material. They are cost-effective, reducing liability and the need for costly repairs.

Geotextile Jackets are designed with “Simply Wrap & Lock” in mind. They use specially engineered, high-strength fabric that allows water to pass freely through the joint while preventing the passage of silt and soil. Standard filter fabric jackets are designed and manufactured for civil engineering applications and to meet DOT specifications. It is required to have a minimum of two (2) feet end overlap to assure complete coverage of the entire joint circumference. Geotextile Jackets are also available in woven and non-woven fabric often specified for subsurface drainage and filtration.

Geotextile Jackets are designed and produced to the pipe size, reducing any wasted material, and eliminating the need to measure, cut, handle, or store large rolls. Their simple wrap & lock installation takes only seconds per joint. They are engineered to be permanently underground, while clamping straps ensure the product does not displace during backfill.

Features & Benefits
  • Resistant to plugging
  • Chemical resistant
  • Mildew-proof
  • Low Cost
  • Permanent

Geotextile Jackets meet or exceed the material requirements of ASTM D4632, ASTM D4833, ASTM D3786, ASTM D4533, ASTM 4355, ASTM D4751, and ASTM D4491, as shown in the Typical Properties table.

Grab Tensile 160 lbs ASTM D4632
Grab Elongation 50 % ASTM D4632
Puncture Strength -85 lbs ASTM D4833
Mullen Burst 280 psi ASTM D3786
Trapezoidal Tear 60 lbs ASTM D4533
UV Resistance 70 % ASTM D4355
Apparent Size Opening 70 US Sieve ASTM D4751
Permittivity 1.30 sec-1 ASTM D4491
Water Flow Rate 110 gpm/ft2 ASTM D4491

The Geotextile Jacket shall be wrapped around the pipe or culvert, spanning the joint. The straps shall be connected and tightened, securing the jacket in the proper position and preventing displacement by backfill.

Fabric length should be adequate for coverage of pipe circumference plus 24″ minimum overlap. Width should cover a minimum of one (1) foot on each side of joint.


Width: 24″
Pipe Sizes: 12-96″


Bell/Spigot RCP Tongue/Groove RCP
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