MarMac C 877 Type III

0.060″ or 0.045″ external C-877 Type II compliant butyl joint wrap.

Looking for an Extremely Flexible Butyl Membrane?

MarMac C 877 Type III Joint Wrap is designed to provide a permanent infiltration and exfiltration proof seal that aggressively bonds to the surface of concrete and metal. MarMac C 877 Type III Joint Wrap consists of an impervious polyethylene film that has been laminated to a 50 mil aggressive butyl mastic. MarMac C 877 Type III Joint Wrap is an extremely flexible butyl membrane and can be formed to fit irregular shapes and surfaces.

MarMac C 877 Type III Butyl Joint Wrap is used to wrap below grade joints to create a watertight seal such as:

  • Sanitary Manhole Joints
  • Grade Ring Joints
  • Stormwater Manhole Joints
  • Irrigation & Drainage Systems
  • Box Culverts & Elliptical/Arch Pipe
  • Architectural Foundations
  • Underground Utility Vaults
  • Stormwater Treatment Structures
  • Stormwater Inlet Structures
  • On-Site Treatment Tanks
  • Wet Wells
  • Concrete Bridge Spans

MarMac C 877 Type III meets the requirements of ASTM C 877 Type III. It has a long-term durability in a broad temperature range, excellent adhesion and formability with high tack and permanently flexible. MarMac C 877 Type III also saves time and labor because of its fast installation.

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