RB Adhesive Primer

Rubber-based primer for increased mastic adhesion
For improved bonding action of MarMac seals

MarMacʼs RB Adhesive Primer is a rubber-based adhesive in solvent solution, specifically formulated to provide excellent adhesion for MarMac sealing products under a variety of surface conditions. It is designed for use as a primer for all structural concrete, masonry, or wood surfaces on which waterproofing membranes will be applied, and it can be installed on applications down to 25°F (-4°C). Condition dry surfaces with a sufficient amount of RB Adhesive Primer to prepare the substrate for the installation of MarMac pipe couplings, Sealwrap, Sealing Tape, and other MarMac products.

RB Adhesive Primer essentially glues the rubberized mastic used in MarMac couplers, wraps, and tapes to the pipe surface, allowing the mastic to bond, especially in cold-weather and damp installations.

  • Increased bonding action
  • Fast & easy to apply
  • Low cost for peace-of-mind
Appearance Liquid, Red
pH Not Available
Odor Strong Hydrocarbon
Boiling Point 152.6°F
Evaporation Rate 4.5
Vapor Pressure 20.3 kPa
Vapor Density 3.5
Specific Gravity 0.09
VOC 527 g/L

Store in a dry, ventilated area away from heat, in tightly-closed, original container. Keep away from flame or ignition sources. Container should not be reused for any other products. Do not store in temperatures exceeding 100°F. Metal containers should be grounded or bonded when the product is transferred.

Apply RB Adhesive Primer to a clean, dry, dust-free, and frost-free surface at a coverage rate of approximately 250 to 300 square feet per gallon on concrete. Other surface substrates will vary in texture, performance, porosity, and coverage. Please test accordingly.

RB Adhesive Primer may be applied with a heavy-nap roller or brush to carry sufficient material to the area being primed. The liquid adhesive should be spread sufficiently to avoid areas of excess material. Areas of excess material will lengthen the curing time on the application of the primer.

For best results apply RB Adhesive Primer and allow to become tacky to touch. Porosity of substrates could affect the tackiness of the adhesive; timing may vary due to atmospheric conditions. At this point the coupler or sealing product should be applied.


Container sizes: 1, 5 gal


MarMac Couplers
MarMac Wraps
MarMac Tapes
Surface Prep for Mastic

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