CSP & Metal

Look no further than MarMac Construction Products for all your corrugated metal pipe (CMP) and corrugated steel pipe (CSP) jointing and sealing needs. We manufacture everything you need to keep your underground CMP drainage system free of infiltration and exfiltration.

MarMac CSP Couplers and Flat Band Gaskets are the industry’s leading solution for connecting rerolled or non-rerolled pipe. Our CSP Couplers are over-engineered to definitively be the finest coupler available. Easy to install, highly-durable, and nearly resistant to failure, CSP Couplers impressively far exceed NCSPA’s water-tight, hydrostatic requirement.

Among our several CMP sealing solutions, MarMac Seam Seal is used during the fabrication of corrugated metal pipe. Seam Seal is a butyl rubber cord placed into the pipe lock seam during the pipe manufacturing process, sealing & reinforcing the hydrostatic rating of CSP seams. See below for our full list of CMP sealing products.

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