MarMac AIS Product Catalog

Applied Infrastructure Sciences is devoted to prolonging the life of the raw building materials our world is built on. Our line of infrastructure, applicator, and environmentally friendly proprietary products aim their sites at microbial, fungal, water, and chemical damage that so commonly crumbles above and underground infrastructure.

MarMac AIS - AMX 5500 Concrete Admixture
AMX 5500

Antifungal / antimicrobial concrete admixture

MarMac AIS - PSC 2300
Polymer Coatings
PSC 2300

Concrete coating for water & chemical resistance

PSC 6000 Graffiti Protection - MarMac AIS
Polymer Coatings
PSC 6000

Ablative surface coating for graffiti prevention

MarMac AIS - PSC 9450 corrosion coating for metal
Polymer Coatings
PSC 9450

Metal coating with anticorrosion, antimicrobial & antifungal properties

TST 6100 Graffiti Remover - MarMac AIS
Surface Treatments
TST 6100

Graffiti remover treatment for various substrates