MarMac in action

Polyseal Coupler

French Drain Man's Review

Well-known YouTuber, French Drain Man, touts our 60″ diameter HDPE Polyseal Coupler in a short “How To Install” video. Many thanks to French Drain Man for the raving review!

Fixing a Sinkhole

Field Installation

YouTuber Brian Pearl fixes a sinkhole in a customer’s yard caused by seepage from a subpar, leaky coupler. Over time, the leak washed away¬† soil and dissolved the surrounding bedrock which resulted in a network of underground cavities and voids… and ultimately, a sinkhole!

They fixed the joint properly and permanently using a MarMac Coupler.

Dissimilar Pipe Coupler

Adhesion / Deflection Test

Our DP Coupler was put to the test by lifting HDPE connected to a 3,300 pound precast concrete pipe section, resulting in no deflection (when two pipes don’t line up properly / are lined up at a degree of an angle). Our coupler permanently seals the joint between the HDPE and RCP pipes, preventing infiltration & exfiltration.

NCSPA 2021: 65th Annual Meeting

Robert Weir, Jr. speaking at the 65th Annual NCSPA meeting. He spoke about background of MarMac, provided a development report, gave a live product demonstration, and interacted with attendees through a Q&A session.


Robert Weir, Jr. speaking to event attendees about MarMac and AIS. PWX is an annual event that the American Public Works Association puts on to address current public works issues.

Precast Show 2021: New Orleans

Michael Hook, P.E. & Sean Fowler prepping to speak with attendees about MarMac and AIS. The PreCast Show is an annual event that the National Precast Concrete Association puts on. It is the largest precast-specific trade show in North America.
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