Road Tape

Special mastic tape for repair of street joints and cracks
High Performance Mastic Tape for Street Repair

MarMac Road Tape is a reinforced mastic membrane used for warm weather road joint and crack repair. Road Tape is also an excellent choice for the installation of piezoelectric traffic counters.

Road Tape is a specially formulated, rubberized mastic tape with a peelable protective release fillm, backed with a high strength, heat resistant, woven polypropylene fabric. Available in 2″, 4″, 6″, and 12″ widths.

Film Color Black
Membrane Thickness 0.065″ ASTM D 1000
Tensile Strength 1385 psi ASTM D 882
Permeance 0.1 psi ASTM E 96 B
Elongation 15% ASTM C 4632
Pliability @ Low Temperatures
(0°F, -15°F, -25°F)
No Cracks ASTM D 146
Puncture Resistance
225 lbs (blunt instrument) ASTM E 154
Grab Tensile Strength 150 psi ASTM D 4632

The surface of the structure to be sealed should be clean of dirt and debris. The surface should be as dry as possible in field conditions. The protective release film shall be removed from the edge of the tape and be applied centering the joint gap or crack. Continue to remove the release film as the wrap is applied, while keeping hand tension to prevent wrinkling, ensuring adhesion and alignment. For installation below 55°F, please use an adhesive based primer.


Roll Widths:
2″, 4″, 6″ & 12″


Street Joints
Road Cracks
Traffic Counters

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