Marine Tape

Specially-designed mastic tape for dry cargo
Flexible Hatch Sealant for Dry Cargo

MarMacʼs Marine Tape is a flexible hatch sealant for dry cargo that is manufactured with a thick rubberized adhesive mastic. This waterproofing sealant material has an easy-peel release film and permanent backing of strong cross-laminated polyethylene film. The product is an affective sealant incorporating two high performance water barrier materials: rubberized mastic and high density cross-laminated polyethylene film. Marine Tapeʼs pliable, durable, and waterproof mastic sticks to metal, wood, concrete, or nearly any clean, dry surface.

MarMacʼs Marine Tape comes in easy-to-handle 60 foot rolls and is available in 4 and 6 inch widths. The product features a factory controlled thickness of mastic with a smooth contact sealing surface designed for quick and easy application with continuous lengths from master rolls. Just peel and stick without problem overlaps to contend with. Overall thickness is is 1.75 mm.


Roll widths: 4, 6″
Roll lengths: 60′
Tape thickness: 1.5mm


Box Truck & Semi Trailer Repair
Boat, Yacht & Ship Hatches

Utilized by The Department of the Navy, the following is their testimonial:
"... Several months ago, Military Sealift Command, Pacific, purchased your MarMac flexible marine hatch sealing tape for use on our three RO/RO ships operating in the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean. I am happy to report that after six months use, the Captain's and Chief Mate's report your tape receives the highest possible rating and is an excellent product."
R. B. Hosey, Assistant Chief Staff Officer/Fleet Operations
Department Of The Navy
Military Sealift Command, Pacific
MarMac Marine Tape

Heavy-duty, acid/base-resistant, cross-laminated top layer


Specially formulated, rubberized mastic aggressively adheres to most surfaces


A protective, peelable release film protects the mastic until ready for use


Marine tape consists of a durable, polyethylene backing mated to a layer of specially-formulated, rubberized mastic. The polyethylene backing is cross-laminated and resistant to acids and bases. When the protective release paper is peeled away, the mastic sealant will aggressively adhere to nearly any clean, dry surface.

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