PSC 3705

Permanent anti-graffiti coating
  • Reduces adhesion of aerosol paints

  • Reacts with moisture to polymerize

  • Forms a transparent matte film

  • Easy removal of graffiti & other markings

  • Highly hydrophobic & weather-resistant

  • Single-component, solvent-borne

PERMANENT Protection from graffiti tagging

MarMacʼs PSC 3705 is a permanent, silicone coating with strong anti-graffiti properties, formulated to protect a wide variety of surface substrates from damage caused by aerosol paints and more. PSC 3705 cures in the presence of humidity and can be applied via an airless sprayer, nap roller, or brush. The final coating is highly hydrophobic, weather-resistant, and dries to a clear, visible matte finish. Vandalism from spray paint, markers, stickers, chewing gum, etc. exhibit poor adhesion on the coating and can be easily removed with a stiff bristle brush or power washer while keeping the PSC 3705 Permanent Anti-Graffiti Coating unharmed. The coating is perfect for a variety of surfaces including concrete, brick, and other cementitious surfaces, metal, and wood.

Solution of a high-molecular, curable polysiloxane in aliphatic hydrocarbons.

Appearance Clear, colorless
Finish Matte
Active ingredient Liquid ~70%
Specific gravity at 20°C ~0.94 g/cm3
Weight solids ~70%
To touch 12 hrs
Tack-free 48 hrs
To cure 7 days
Wet 8-12 mils
Dry 6-9 mils
Application qty minimum 3 m2/L = 400 g/m2
Application qty maximum 5 m2/L = 200 g/m2
CAUTION: Prior to use, please read the Manufacturer Warranty & Disclaimer.

The product may change after prolonged standing (e.g. form cream layers, sediment, separate, etc). Please stir well before use.

If stored below 0°C, the product may solidify and/ or change its consistency. After heating to 20-25°C and thorough mixing, the product can be used again without any problems.

The content of the drums must not be exposed to moisture or be left open for a long time. Irreparable damage is possible. Close the drums tightly after use!

MarMacʼs PSC 3705 Permanent Anti-Graffiti Coating is used undiluted. The product can be applied by airless spraying as well as by brush or roll. Depending on the porosity of the surface, it may be necessary to apply a second coating.

The coating is transparent and promotes deepening of the substrate’s color and leaves a slight gloss as well.

During spraying of textile auxiliaries, and other surfaces, aerosols arise. Aerosols might cause a potential risk for humans. Therefore, spray only in closed installations which provide for good air extraction and good room ventilation. Do not inhale aerosols!


55 Gallon Drums
5 Gallon Pails
*Other sizes available on request


Bricks & Pavers
Cementitious Surfaces
Metal Surfaces









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