TST 6100

Graffiti remover treatment for various substrates
  • Removes Graffiti From a Variety of Unpainted Surfaces

  • Use With PSC 6000 For A Full Graffiti Prevention + Removal System

  • Easily Applied With a Sprayer or Pressure Washer

  • Stable, Inert, & Safe For Use Around Drainage Systems

Graffiti removal surface treatment for a variety of substrates

TST 6100 is a uniquely formulated topical graffiti remover for various unpainted substrates such as concrete, brick, architectural stone, and metal. It removes and cleans offending graffiti when used alone or when used in conjunction with our PSC 6000 (self-sacrificing polymer coating) for a full graffiti prevention and removal system.

TST 6100 is designed for use on porous and non-porous materials to remove damage caused by graffiti, and restore the surface of the substrate to its original condition.

  • Removes undesirable graffiti from multiple substrates
  • Does not alter characteristics of surface being cleaned
  • Eliminates the majority of graffiti when used in conjunction with PSC 6000
  • Environmentally Friendly
    • Stable and inert, even undiluted
    • Contains no methylene chloride & safe to use around drainage systems
  • Applicator Friendly
    • Can be added to pressure washer tanks undiluted
    • Minimal PPE required
    • Easy to apply via sprayer or pressure washer
TST 6100 includes a complex blend of components coupled with a carrying agent that target the substances most used to create graffiti. These include inks such as found in permanent markers, spray paints, and primer/paint combinations. TST 6100 should be liberally applied to the affected area and left in contact with it for no longer than 15 minutes. The remover will act to break down the graffiti allowing for scrubbing and washing to restore the original condition. When used on a surface treated with PSC 6000, the TST 6100 will help remove the sacrificial coating to restore the original condition after washing and scrubbing.
Appearance Translucent, milky
pH 6.0 – 7.5
Odor Citrus
Freezing Point ~ 32°F
Relative Density ~ 0.967 g/cm3
Specific Gravity 0.967
Coverage 150 – 200 ft2/gal
CAUTION: Prior to use, please read the Manufacturer Warranty & Disclaimer.

TST 6100 is premixed, water based, and ready for use. Do not dilute. Shake TST 6100 well to make sure the ingredients are well mixed. Apply the coating when ambient temperatures and conditions are within the suggested parameters.

The theoretical coverage (for one topical
application) per gallon of TST 6100 is
determined to be approximately 150 to 200 square feet. This is dependent upon such factors ambient weather conditions, any wastage that might occur, the amount applied per application, and the applicatorʼs technique and method used as well as the number of applications required.

TST 6100 can be applied with a brush, nap roller, and/or an airless/low pressure sprayer using an adequate nozzle size. If a sprayer is used, do not allow the topical treatment mixture to remain in the spray line or tank, but clean immediately upon completion with copious amounts of soap and water.


55 Gallon Drums
5 Gallon Pails
*Other sizes available on request


Cementitious Structures
Unpainted Metal
Vertical/Overhead Surfaces







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