About AIS

Our Mission

To apply modern advancements in science technologies to improve existing and future infrastructure to unprecedented levels of sustainability, using products that are both economical and environmentally safe.

Who We Are

Applied Infrastructure Sciences began with the realization that there was a lack of research and development specifically geared toward products meant to enhance and prolong the life of underground infrastructure.  While those products exist, they had mostly been repurposed from their original uses in other industries.  AIS is a full-service chemical, engineering, and polymeric formulations research and development laboratory.  AIS exists for the sole purpose to make infrastructure better whether that be through product design, chemical additions, or polymeric coatings.

We are dedicated to not just prolonging the life of our vital infrastructure but doing it in a responsible way for future generations.  Green chemistry, minimal waste, and products that will not impact the environment in which they are placed is at the forefront of our research.  Our chemists and engineers work every day to make infrastructure better. 

All products are formulated and manufactured by AIS in the USA – ARRA certified manufacturing.

Making Infrastructure Better.

Our History

AIS (a division of MarMac Manufacturing Company, Inc.) was created in 2020. Headquartered in McBee, SC, MarMac Applied Infrastructure Sciences is focused on improving the sustainability and longevity of concrete infrastructure.