Introducing the AIS


protection system

The highly effective solution for removing and
protecting surfaces from spray paint vandalism.

TST 6100 Graffiti Remover - MarMac AIS
PSC 6000 Graffiti protective coating - MarMac AIS

Defend your property against

Paint Tag Vandalism

With MarMac Anti-Graffiti Products

The MarMac AIS Graffiti Protection System is perfect for unpainted surfaces, like culverts and retaining walls, bridges and pylons, brick and exteriors of businesses, metal sheeting, and more. Our graffiti products can be used individually to protect from or remove existing spray paint tagging, or together for superior results.

Protect against future graffiti tagging with PSC 6000 polymer coating. PSC 6000 creates a self-sacrificing, protective barrier between paint and the treated surface, preventing graffiti from penetrating the substrate. The semi-viscous coating is easily applied with a roller, brush, or sprayer, to metal, concrete, brick, and more. Pre-treated paint-tagged surfaces can easily be cleaned with a power washer or stiff bristle brush.

For the ultimate graffiti defense, use PSC 6000 in conjunction with our TST 6100 Graffiti Remover to make quick work of removing unsightly graffiti. Simply spray the TST 6100 surface treatment on the affected area and allow it to soak for a few minutes. Continue with a power washer or brush and watch the unwanted paint disappear.

PSC 6000 Graffiti Protection - MarMac AIS
Polymer Coatings

PSC 6000

Ablative surface coating for graffiti prevention

TST 6100 Graffiti Remover - MarMac AIS
Surface Treatments

TST 6100

Graffiti remover treatment for various substrates

MarMac’s Graffiti Protection System is easy-to-use, environmentally-friendly, and 100% manufactured in the USA. To learn more, click a product above. For purchasing inquires, contact us using the form below.

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