PolySeal Coupler install step 1 - MarMac Construction Products

Clean Joint

Wipe and dry the external surface of the joint to ensure foreign materials do not interfere with direct contact between the coupler and the joint.

PolySeal Coupler install step 3 - MarMac Construction Products

Position the Coupler

For horizontal pipe, place coupler directly beneath the pipe joint. Position the compression bands so they line up with the pipe corrugations, and the middle compression band is centered with the joint.

PolySeal Coupler install step 4 - MarMac Construction Products

Remove Main Film

Peel the release film from the mastic side of the coupler. Keep the smaller protective flap release film in place.

PolySeal Coupler install step 5 - MarMac Construction Products

Apply to Pipe

Beginning with the tail end of the coupler, press the mastic side to the top of the pipe. Keeping the coupler straight and taut, continue applying the mastic to the pipe, overlapping the tail end of the coupler with the protective flap end.

PolySeal Coupler install step 6 - MarMac Construction Products

Feed Bands

Slide the compression band tails through the ratchet tension pins on the opposite end.

PolySeal Coupler install step 7 - MarMac Construction Products

Tighten Bands

Tighten the center compression band ratchet until it’s sunken into the corrugation of the pipe and snug. Repeat the process with the outside bands.

PolySeal Coupler install step 8 - MarMac Construction Products

Remove Flap Release Film

Ensure ratchet handles are in the down position. Remove the release film from the under side of the protective flap.

PolySeal Coupler install step 9 - MarMac Construction Products

Secure Flap Over Bands

Cover the exposed work area with the protective flap. while keeping the material taut.

PolySeal Coupler install step 10 - MarMac Construction Products


Firmly press down and smooth the surface area of the protective flap, ensuring the entirety of the mastic has contact with the work area and is fully secured.


You’ve successfully installed a MarMac PolySeal Coupler. Questions or concerns regarding the installation? Please contact our engineering team at (877) 962-7622 Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM EST, or send us a message through our contact page.
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