0.060″ bitumastic with HDPE backing


High-performance water-proofing membrane for culvert structures

MarMac SealWrap is a dual layer joint wrap between 6” and 36” in width and 0.065” in thickness. The product is composed of two separate elements, a proprietary, specially formulated bitumen derived mastic and a heavy-duty puncture and tear resistant HDPE backing. These two elements are cross bond laminated during production to create an inseparable dual layer product with the purpose and descriptions below.

Sealing Capabilities:

  Aggresive Tack and initial adhesion to all concrete surfaces.

  Continuous adhesion at ground temperatures after application.

  Puncture and Tear Resistant

  Infiltration and Exfiltration Proof

  Resistant to drying, oxidation, hardening

  Primer not typically needed

  Economical and Effective

  Available in a range of widths and lengths