MarMac Pre-Lubricated Gaskets

Pre-lubricated pipe gaskets for RCP


Pre-Lubricated Gaskets are designed to eliminate lubrication in the field, arriving to the customer with silicone lubricant enclosed within the tube. Our design lowers insertion force, prevents kickback, and virtually eliminates the rolling or twisting of the gasket out of the joint providing an easy installation to keep the job moving

These gaskets meet or exceed the material requirements of ASTM C 443, ASTM C 1619 (Class C) and CSA A 257.3.

Basic Use

Pre-Lubricated Gaskets are used to create seals between single offset joints of:

  • Reinforced Concrete Pipe
  • Manholes
  • Concrete Structures
  • Easy to install
  • No lubrication in the field
  • Lubricant protected from dirt & debris
  • Lowers insertion force
  • Prevents kickback
  • Reduce roll & twist of gaskets
  • Gaskets stay cleaner during install
Focus on Quality
  • Stringent Quality Control Standards
  • Consistent Sizing & Properties
  • High-Quality internal silicone lubricant
  • Factory installed lubricant to minimize attachment of dirt or foreign material to the gasket during fitting.
  • Installer does not need to equalize the gasket after fitting the gasket to the spigot.
  • Prevents joint kickback
  • Lowers insertion force

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