MarMac C 877 Type III

0.060″ or 0.045″ external C-877 Type II compliant butyl joint wrap


Polyethylene film that is extremely flexible.

MarMac C 877 Type III Joint Wrap consists of a polyethylene film that has been laminated to a 50 mil pressure sensitive tape. MarMac C 877 Type III Joint Wrap is extremely flexible and can be formed to fit irregular shapes and surfaces. MarMac C 877 Type III Joint Wrap is designed to provide infiltration and exfiltration proof seals on properly primed concrete surfaces and concrete structure joints.


MarMac C 877 Type III Butyl Joint Wrap is used to wrap below grade joints to create a watertight seal such as:

  Sanitary Manhole Joints

  Grade Ring Joints

  Stormwater Manhole Joints

  Irrigation & Drainage Systems

  Box Culverts & Elliptical/Arch Pipe

  Architectural Foundations

  Underground Utility Vaults

  Stormwater Treatment Structures

  Stormwater Inlet Structures

  On-Site Treatment Tanks

  Wet Wells

  Concrete Bridge Spans