Instant Hydraulic Cement

Fast-setting cement for leak repair in concrete structures
Concrete leak repair for underwater and saturated conditions

ProSpec® Instant Hydraulic Cement is an extremely quick-setting cement repair material formulated for stopping active water leaks. The fast curing, non-shrinking, single component composition makes it the go-to choice for wet concrete repair. Instant Hydraulic Cement can be applied underwater, making it an excellent solution for swimming pool, pier/dock repairs, active storm drains, sewer pipes, sea and lock walls, elevator pits, etc.

Features & Benefits
  • Sets in 3 minutes or less with Rapid Cure Technology (RCT®)
  • Can be applied underwater
  • Interior and exterior, above and below grade repairs
  • Horizontal and vertical applications
  • Does not shrink
  • Non-staining and non-metallic
  • Stops flowing water & leaks


50 lb pail


Storm Drains
Sewer Pipes
Basements / Foundations Static Cracks
Elevator Pits
Swimming Pools
+ More

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