Trowelable or caulk tube skinning butyl sealant.

Butyl Injectable Trowelable Sealant

MarMac BITS is a butyl injectable trowelable sealant that is a uniquely formulated one-part butyl adhesive/sealant designed to have excellent resistance to environmental temperature extremes, and acid or alkaline conditions. This creates excellent moisture resistance and will not attack polystyrene foam.

  • MarMac BITS forms a permanent flexible bond to a wide variety of substrates including brick, concrete, metals, and plastics. It skins over very rapidly through solvent release and cures to a tape-like consistency.
  • MarMac BITS meets the requirements of:

                          -GM 9985950 and meets or exceeds the material requirements of ASTM D 1475, ASTM C 681, ASTM D 2202, ASTM D 2452, ASTM D 56, ASTM D 3960, ASTM D 1002, ASTM D 638, ASTM C 661 and ASTM D 545.

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