MacWrap for Box Culverts

External C-877 Type II compliant coupler for full perimeter seal of culverts.

External wrap for box culverts, stormwater retention systems, and other four-sided structures.

Box MacWrap is an external wrap for box culverts, stormwater retention systems, and other four-sided structures that consist of sealing bands that create a full perimeter seal on all four sides of a stormwater detention system. A specially-formulated aggressive mastic combined with integrated compression bands makes MacWrap one of the best methods of preventing infiltration of subsurface materials into a box culvert. Box MacWrap is also designed to be leak and puncture-resistant against aggressive backfills.

  • Infiltration Proof
  • Easy Installation
  • Permanent
  • Custom Fit
  • Puncture and Shear Resistant

MacWrap is reinforced rubberized mastic external sealing bands with integrated mechanical compression straps. The rubberized mastic is formulated to adhere aggressively to all known concrete surfaces. Additionally, the integrated compression bands mechanically seal and form a permanent bond to the pipe wall. The woven polypropylene component provides shear and puncture resistance. The minimum length of the coupler is the circumference of the outside diameter of pipes to be sealed and an additional eight inches (8″) for overlap. Two layers (minimum) of rubberized mastic (0.120″ thick) with a sheet of strong puncture resistant woven polypropylene with an outside backing of cross-laminated polyethylene resistant to acids and bases.

MacWrap exceeds ASTM C 877 (Type II), the industry standard for external joint seals for RCP and structures. MacWrap integrates several unique components into a single customizable full perimeter external sealing band.

MacWrap is designed to be installed in the worst field conditions and protect your system from infiltration and exfiltration permanently. MacWrap succeeds where other products fail.

MacWrap should be stored carefully in their original packaging, out of direct sunlight and protected from the elements. Materials should be kept away from direct heat, sparks and open flame. For optimum results, couplers should be stored in a tepid (60°-80°F) environment prior to installation.

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