ElastiSeal® R-900

Versatile, injectable & trowelable butyl caulk sealant.
Butyl Injectable Trowelable Sealant

MarMac ElastiSeal® R-900 is a uniquely formulated, one-part butyl adhesive/sealant designed to have excellent resistance to environmental temperature extremes, and acid or alkaline conditions. This creates an excellent moisture resistance barrier and will not attack polystyrene foam.

ElastiSeal® forms a permanent flexible bond to a wide variety of substrates including: brick, concrete, metal, and plastic. It skins over very rapidly through solvent release and cures to a tape-like consistency.

Features & Benefits
  • Extreme temperature range performance
  • Injectable, trowelable, and permanently flexible
  • Easy installation & quick curing
  • Adheres to a wide variety of substrates
  • Saves time & labor

Meets or exceeds the material requirements of GM 9985950, ASTM D 1475, ASTM C 681, ASTM D 2202, ASTM D 2452, ASTM D 56, ASTM D 3960, ASTM D 1002, ASTM D 638, ASTM C 661 and ASTM D 545.

Store material in the original unopened packaging between 65-110°F (18-43°C). Shelf life is 12 months minimum when stored as recommended.

Service Temperature Range -40 °F 250 °F
Application Temperature 20 °F 120 °F
Color Black Visual
Specific Gravity 1.16 ASTM D 1475
Solids Content 75 % ASTM C 681
Sag or Flow 0.05 in ASTM D 2202
Press-Flow Viscosity 55 sec ASTM D 2452
Flash Point 48 °F ASTM D 56
VOC Content 330 g/L ASTM D 3960
Shear Strength 25 psi ASTM D 1002
Tensile Strength 25 psi ASTM D 638
Elongation 140 % ASTM D 638
Shore A Hardness 8-12 ASTM C 661
Shore 00 Hardness 50-55 ASTM C 661
Resistance to 5%
(nitric, sulfuric, & hydrocloric acid)
Excellent- No effect after 30 day immersion ASTM D 545

All surfaces to be sealed or bonded must be clean and dry (Primer may be required for certain surfaces). Apply with a standard caulking gun from tubes or trowel on as needed from pails. Use Mineral Spirits or VM&P Naphtha for clean up, as needed.


10.3 fl oz tube
5 gal pail
55 gal drum*
*Special order only


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