CSP O-Ring Gasket

External seals for jointing corrugated steel pipe
Reliable infiltration/exfiltration-resistant CMP joints

MarMac CSP O-Ring Gaskets can be used in conjunction with a smooth or corrugated external sleeve that generally indexes with pipe corrugations to provide a mechanical interlock between the band and pipe. MarMac CSP O-Rings provide an excellent level of protection against infiltration and exfiltration at the joints of corrugated steel pipe. When used in conjunction with other MarMac products, this joining system can provide some degree of hydrostatic performance.

Features & Benefits
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM C1619, Class C
  • High quality formulated EPDM rubber
  • Superior quality control
  • Cost competitive
CMP CSP O-Ring Gaskets Graphic
EPDM gaskets meet all requirements of ASTM C 1619 Class C. Gaskets are 65 ± 5 durometer.
Keep storage containers dry and sealed to avoid moisture and contamination. Keep in a dry, cool place.
Tensile Strength 1200 psi min
Material EPDM / Black
Elongation 200 % min
Durometer 65 ±5
Density 1.17 ±0.03 g/cm3
All surfaces should be clean, dry, and free of dirt, dust, debris, oils, and other contaminants. Lubricate the gasket liberally with either a soap-based lubricant, or a vegetable-based lubricant such as Crisco®. It is recommended, but not mandatory, to apply additional lubricant to the outside pipe ends where the gasket shall seat. Seat gasket around and into the first annular corrugation of pipe ends to be jointed. Equalize gasket by inserting a screwdriver, or a similar object, between the pipe and gasket and sliding it around the perimeter of the pipe several times. Prepare metal band by lubricating the entire inner surface with the same lubricant used for the gasket. Ensure that the bars on the metal band are in the correct position. Pull the metal band into position with the appropriate tool. Insert bolts and tighten to the appropriate torque. Upon completing the joint, visually and physically inspect the joint to ensure proper installation.


Pipe Sizes: 12-48″


Corrugated Metal Pipe
Storm / Sewer
Detention / Retention

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