Chemical Resistant PolySeal

External coupler for HDPE with assurance against joint failure and/or for joint rehabilitation.

Permanent external sealing band for corrugated HDPE pipe

PolySeal Chemical Resistant is a permanent external sealing band for corrugated HDPE pipe. PolySeal CR is backed by a proprietary coextruded barrier film resistant to hydrocarbons and most known chemical pollutants and is designed to be used in areas where these pollutants are present and concentrated. PolySeal CR is typically specified for gravity flow applications such as stormwater and sanitary sewer which is installed in contaminated soils, especially those contaminated by hydrocarbons. PolySeal CR is designed to prevent inflow/infiltration and exfiltration at the joint. In addition, PolySeal CR is designed to maintain the joint integrity even given less than perfect bedding conditions. PolySeal CR has a proven track record spanning over 35 years and over a million of these couplers are in operation as an assurance against joint failure and/or for joint rehabilitation.

PolySeal CR’s structure includes an adhesive mastic membrane, which is formulated to aggressively bond to the pipe wall which provides a positive and permanent seal around the pipe joint. PolySeal CR is a strong and puncture resistant product due to the embedded high strength polypropylene reinforcing material. A proprietary coextruded multilayer barrier film is laminated to the outside of the coupler. This film has been tested per ASTM F 739 against a battery of chemicals at 95% concentration for permeation resistance with excellent results, including Benzene, Toluene and other hydrocarbon based solvents. In addition, high strength steel compression bands are incorporated within the above structure for tensioning around the full circumference of the pipe, thereby providing added assurance for a positive seal against infiltration.

PolySeal CR is certified to meet the properties of Chemical Resistance. Please contact our engineers for a list of the test results.

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