TST 4200-Water Resistant

 Product Description: TST 4200 is a uniquely formulated topical surface treatment for porous building materials. It provides antimicrobial, water resistance, and ultra-violet (UV) protective properties to any porous material to which it is applied.

Applications: Designed for use on mineral and organic ‘porous’ substrates such as stone, concrete, mortar, brick, and wood where there is need for antimicrobial, water resistance, and UV protective properties.



  • Significant UV durability
  • Produces a hydrophobic treatment that greatly inhibits water absorption
  • Greatly increases the useful life of the substrate
  • Is stable, easy to apply, and does not need to be diluted
  • Controls microbial growth on the surfaces to which it is applied



  • Water-based and has very low VOC’s
  • Excellent water resistance and UV durability
  • Very durable antimicrobial as it is cross-linked with the topical treatment itself and the substrate
  • Resists capillary absorption of water
  • No greenhouse gas emitted – APEO is not present
  • Does not alter the physical characteristics or performance of the final product


Functional Behavior:

TST 4200 is a boldly formulated ter-mixture of active compounds each contributing unique functions to the mixture. The broad-spectrum antimicrobial used is a 3rd. generation quaternary silane compound that functions to penetrate the cell membrane (wall) disrupting key functions. The antimicrobial is anchored partially to the substrate by the self-crosslinking polymer employed in TST 4200. Another active ingredient contributing in part to the water resistancy is a silane/siloxane.  Both react with the substrate and themselves forming a durable and long-lasting bond with the substrate and to each other. Deep penetration of the substrate surface by TST 4200 is achieved due to the small molecular structure of the silane/siloxane component.


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