PSC 9240-Protectant Polymeric Coating

 Product Description:  PSC 9240 is a Direct-To-Metal (DTM) self-crosslinking water-based acrylate coating blend for metal reinforcements that might be embedded in any cementitious infrastructure as added corrosion protection.

Applications:   PSC 9240 is tinted ‘blue’ as an indicator of coverage. This water-based polymer blend is specifically designed for metals where chemical and water-resistant corrosion protection of the metal is needed. PSC 9240 adds very strong coating to metal adhesion which is strongly indicated for this type of application.



  • Forms a permanent self-crosslinked polymer with itself and the infrastructure
  • Excellent water and chemical resistance qualities with high water blush resistance
  • Possesses excellent durability and hardness
  • Is easy to apply and builds upon itself with multiple coats, cross-linking with itself and the previous coat
  • Very good adhesion to infrastructure surface coupled with excellent ‘block resistance’



  • Is a water-borne polymer developed with innovative core-shell technology
  • Gives outstanding corrosion inhibition to all reinforcing metal substrates
  • Contributes greatly to the protection and sustainability of the infrastructure to which it is applied
  • Can be applied easily promoting its utility as a very durable and long-lasting anti-corrosive coating
  • Blended proprietary corrosion inhibitor coating offering very durable and unique performance characteristics
  • Low VOC and is APEO – free


Functional Behavior:

PSC 9240 is a uniquely blended polymer coating mixture developed from core-shell technology for use as a DTM corrosion inhibitor. The water-based emulsion blend of self-crosslinking components gives superior anti-corrosion durability to the infrastructure metals to which it is applied. It gives you a very strong physical barrier to the effects of corrosion. PSC 9240 provides the treated infrastructure a resilient surface enhanced by the coating’s internal anti-corrosion resistance. The cross-linking of PSC 9240 begins at ambient temperatures and continues until a vast array of very strong covalent linkages develop with itself and the metal infrastructure. It is environmentally safe, easy to store, and easy to apply. It can be supplied as an ‘untinted’ coating.


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