PSC 1200-Protectant Polymeric Coating

Product Description: PSC 1200 is an innovative new coating technology for most in-ground cementitious applications. It provides very durable water and chemical resistance over the time over of the extended life of the structure.


Application: PSC 1200 is a ‘green-tinted’ water-based polymer blend especially designed for porous materials where chemical and water resistance coupled with excellent adhesion of the coating to the infrastructure is needed.



  • Good adhesion
  • Forms a permanent self-crosslinked polymer with itself and the infrastructure
  • Non-blushing
  • Excellent hardness (durability) and scratch resistance
  • Excellent water and chemical resistance
  • Easy to apply and builds upon itself with multiple coats



  • Water-borne polymer developed with innovative core-shell technology
  • Very low VOC’s
  • Enhances the physical attributes of the infrastructure to which it is applied
  • Ease of application contributes to its utility as a very durable and long-lasting coating
  • Blended proprietary polymer coating offering very durable and specialized performance characteristics



Functional Behavior:

PSC 1200 is a uniquely blended polymer coating mixture developed from core-shell technology. This coating is a water-based emulsion blend of self-crosslinking components giving strength and durability to the infrastructure to which it is applied. PSC 1200 gives the infrastructure a robust resilience enhanced by the coating’s innate water and chemical resistance. The cross-linking of PSC 1200 begins at ambient temperatures and continues until a complex array of very strong covalent linkages develop with itself and the infrastructure. It is environmentally safe, easy to store, and easy to apply.

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