TST 2300-Water Resistant

Product Description:  TST 2300 is a carefully formulated topical surface treatment for porous building materials. It provides water resistance properties as well as anti-fungal properties to the materials to which it is applied.

Applications: TST 2300 is designed for use on mineral and organic ‘porous’ substrates such as stone, concrete, mortar, brick, and wood where high water resistance antimicrobial, and anti-fungal properties are needed.



  • UV durability
  • Greatly inhibits water absorption; reducing spalling due to freeze-thaw and efflorescence
  • Greatly increases the useful life of the substrate
  • Is stable, easy to apply, and does not need to be diluted
  • Controls microbial/fungal growth and overgrowth



  • Water-based and has very low VOC’s
  • Blend of three active ingredients for a comprehensive surface protection package
  • Very durable antimicrobial/anti-fungal with low solubility
  • Thermally stable making it very advantageous for materials used in moist, humid environments
  • No formaldehyde and is easy to store
  • Does not alter the physical characteristics of the final product


Functional Behavior:

TST 2300 is a robustly formulated mixture of three active compounds each contributing unique functions to the mixture. The broad-spectrum antimicrobial/ anti-fungal used is a zinc compound that functions to penetrate the cell membrane (wall) disrupting key functions, particularly the transport of manganese into the cell. The zinc is anchored to the substrate by the polymer employed in TST 2300 and by the penetrating action of the silane/siloxane compound. Both react with the substrate and themselves forming a durable and long-lasting bond with the substrate. Deep penetration of the substrate surface by TST 2300 is achieved due to the small molecular structure of the silane/siloxane component.

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