TST 1000- Stain Resistant

Product Description:  TST 1000 is a uniquely formulated topical surface treatment for porous building materials. It provides stain resistance properties as well as very good UV resistance to the materials to which it is applied.

Applications: TST 1000 is designed for use on mineral and organic ‘porous’ substrates such as stone, concrete, mortar, brick, and wood yielding high stain resistance properties.



  • UV durability is provided to the treated surface
  • Excellent resistance to alkali chemicals and efflorescence
  • Greatly prolongs the useful life of the substrate
  • Stable, easy to apply, and does not need to be diluted
  • Excellent stain resistance properties



  • Water-based and has very low VOC’s
  • Protects an assorted array of porous building materials against ordinary and aggressive soiling such as oil stains, food, and liquid spillage
  • Economical
  • Easy to store and apply to almost any porous building material
  • Good adhesion to the surfaces it is applied


Functional Behavior:

TST 1000 is a water-based di-component material which utilizes a cutting-edge vinyl terpolymer incorporated with a fluoro-silicone hybrid technology to achieve superior stain resist performance characteristics. The mixture achieves a highly complex branching system providing good exterior adhesive characteristics to its substrate while providing excellent UV resistance. The fluoro-chemical segment of the mixture yields good penetration into the substrate and forming a permanent bond.

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