AMX 9001-Corrosion Inhibitor

Product Description:  AMX 9001 is an anodic corrosion inhibitor admixture designed for use in all types of reinforced concrete infrastructures

Applications:   AMX 9001 is a very efficient and cost effective corrosion inhibitor for any metal reinforced concrete structures that will come into contact with chlorides.



  • Added to concrete during the batching process
  • Effective corrosion protection against chlorides in concrete
  • Chemically inhibits the corrosive action of chlorides
  • May be used to potentially offset the corrosive effects of chloride-bearing concrete ingredients
  • Acts as an anodic inhibitor
  • Can be used with AIS’ TCS 1000 metal topcoat for “added” protection



  • Increases the passivation state or corrosion threshold
  • In cold weather applications, set acceleration may be helpful
  • Extended service life of reinforced structures such as: parking garage decks, bridge decks, support structures, and structures in marine environments
  • Cost effective solution
  • Easy to use admixture with no dilution needed
  • Will not initiate nor promote chloride induced corrosion


Functional Behavior:

AMX 9001 is a calcium nitrite based admixture intended to inhibit chloride induced corrosion of reinforced concrete structures. The inhibitor increases the corrosion threshold. The protective action of AMX 9001 nitrite ions seems to be more pronounced in highly corroding environments. This is due to the mechanism of inhibition, which uses the product of the unwanted corrosion reaction and converts it into a favorable passivating one. AMX 9001 either used alone or in combination with TSC 1000 surface coating for metal reinforcement of concrete structures greatly extends the useful life of the concrete structure.

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