AMX 1400-Antimicrobial & Antifungal

Product Description: AMX 1400 is a second generation versatile water-based antimicrobial/antifungal mixture. It is designed to offer several avenues of defense against microbes and fungi attacking concrete and cementitious building infrastructures.

Applications: Concrete/ Cement structures and systems requiring added protection from the attack of microbial and fungal organisms.



  • Provides protection for the lifespan of the cement infrastructure
  • Gives dual corrosion protection against microbial/fungal attack & growth
  • Becomes permanent part of the infrastructure and will not migrate to the surface
  • Water-based, user-friendly, & stable to work with


  • Will not promote or induce microbial/fungal growth
  • Will not alter physical characteristics of concrete infrastructure
  • Can be added directly to the mix water and is stable to store and use
  • Provides 24/7 protection for the infrastructure against fungal & microbial corrosion

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