AMX 1020-Antimicrobial

Product Description: Dual (x2) active component antimicrobial and anti-fungal admixture for concrete & cementitious building materials.

Applications: Concrete/Cement structures and systems where it is essential to inhibit the growth of damaging microbes.



  • Dual (x2) and cooperative active ingredients
  • Formaldehyde free
  • Becomes permanent and integral part of concrete/cement
  • Decreases corrosion due to microbial and fungal growth
  • Prolongs serviceable lifespan of concrete/cement structures and systems


  • Added directly to concrete/cement mix without dilution
  • Does not alter the physical characteristics of the end product
  • Will not leach, wash away, or migrate
  • Does not adversely affect environment
  • Does not induce or promote microbial or fungal mutations
  • Eliminates the need for toxic or environmentally damaging treatments or chemicals
  • Stable to store and utilize


Functional Behavior:

AMX 1020 works by two mechanisms:

  • Component one attracts microorganisms via a positive electrical charge then pierces the cellular structure, resulting in the death of the microbe
  • Component two is a phenol derivative that destroys the cellular walls of microbes and/or fungi on contact.

Both components in the proprietary compound work synergistically to improve overall effectiveness.

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