Why choose MarMac? Simply put, customers looking for Quality, Customer Service, Dependability, and Experience choose MarMac. Since 1953, we have made a conscious and unwavering commitment to these four tenants which we strongly believe are the foundation of our success.


MarMac and its employee family strive every day to ensure we produce and ship top quality, effective and valuable products to our customers. Our products are designed to do their job immediately, permanently and without unnecessary strain on the end user. Each of our products adheres to strict quality assurance standards, and we stand behind all of the products we ship from our docks.

With innovative and often unique designs, our products are designed to be the best and our quality assurance program ensures our shipped goods represent the best on the market.

Customer Service

Since 1953, customer service has been a priority for MarMac. Our philosophy here is simple: The customer is always right.

We do our best to insure that the customer is educated on our products and their abilities and to make sure that the customer gets the correct product to solve the issue at hand. When it comes time to place an order, we strive to make the process as quick, easy and amenable as possible. We do our utmost to deliver the perfect product on-time and exactly as the customer specified. We stand behind our products, and will work to immediately correct any mistakes or miscommunications which may occur. Our customers, large or small are of the utmost importance to us, and we feel it’s necessary to continue to provide the best customer service experience possible to all of our customers.


Anyone who works in the construction industry knows how important dependability is. Our customers rely on MarMac for one of the quickest turn around on goods in the industry, and rely on us to deliver the correct product on-time and in good condition. We are happy to expedite any order free of charge, and our experienced and dedicated staff will work to ensure you are ordering the best product for your application.

All of our products, unless specially designated, are designed to be effective permanent solutions that install quickly and work every time, all the time.


Founded in 1953, MarMac Construction Products has been servicing the construction industry and specifically the storm, waste, and potable water industries for over 60 years. During this time, we have built a huge library of resources and experience which we can share with potential customers to ensure they select the right product for their job. Our most valuable resource is our employee family (many of which have been with MarMac for decades) and the knowledge they have accumulated handling a wide array of jobs, issues, and common and uncommon scenarios.

We strongly believe that our employee family is the most knowledgeable, honest and experienced in the industry and would love to share their “know how” with you.